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Alexander Wang’s Optimism

15 Sep

Alexander Wang’s SS 2011 Collection seems to be very zened out on Saturday at Pier 94. The young New York superstar designer turned 180degrees from his previous designs that showed strong personality with sporty details to ALL WHITE, even the hair. His show started with stream of white with complex geometrical tailoring and longer waistlines and hemlines. Then somewhat futuristic metallic shapes of silver and rose gold added more light and quirkiness to the collection. He had some light toned colours towards the end such as peach, terracotta and mint. His designs still seemed to carry on his fun, funky and youthful side with random doodling printed on the fabric and also new interpretations of rebellious biker jackets and sporty zip ups. He’s known for his street edgy styles but this collection the designer seem to stepped out of his comfort zone and made everything a little more luxurious than casual. Well, I’m still completely loving the shoes. ♥

It seems like playsuit will be still strong in coming Spring Summer and the whole comfy looseness that Alexander Wang loves so much doesn’t seem to change.

I am loving his geometric play in his tailoring and with the metal patches and his loose jumpsuits with cross back straps. His flowing fabrics are very beautiful and his softer approach with leather is quite uplifting. I’m not too sure about the whole doodling on fabrics though… It’s a great idea but doesn’t entice me at all. Even though white is always one of the hardest colour to manage and to wear, some of his pieces will look great when mix matched with other casual wears. I was getting quite bored of all the strong black leather and hardcore goth inspired looks. Studs, spikes, leather… you had your time and let the Optimism begin! 🙂

(pictures from and Dazed Digital)

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Stella McCartney Lingerie AW 2010

9 Aug

My love for Stella McCartney ♥

is just Monstrous!

(AW 2010 Lingerie Collection)

Swrve Jeans

9 Aug

Swrve Jeans..

It’s a UK brand designed for Cyclists! Nevertheless the inner detail of the jean is pretty cooool I reckon!

Illustrated by


Chris Kane Resort 2011

4 Aug

Absolutely loving Chris Kane’s yet another amazing collection! This print textile genius takes a futuristic take in his Resort 2011 collection with streamline cuts and minimalist tailoring. The space inspired fabric print seem to give that ‘wow’ effect with it’s depth and vastness! Combined with pitch black patent leather and it’s Chris Kane!

I want to scream!!!

Master/Slave Couture

28 Jul

Well, I scored this jacket nonchalantly when I went to Fashion Weekend at the very start when Sydney was feeling the chills.

It’s been months now and I can’t express enough how WELL I’m wearing this Jacket! I did bought it because it seemed quite versatile and how right was I! It even goes with the outfits that I never thought it will go; cute dresses, casual, leather etc etc.  It’s so funny sometimes when the garments you get plays totally differently with your wardrobe than you expect. I generally think I have a good sense in fashion but sometimes it seems to become harder and harder. 😛

Nevertheless, I praise you Master/Slave- I shall keep a good eye on you.

Mulberry Dog Collection

25 Jun

These made me cry and wanting a PUG ever more!!!

Well done Mulberry! Hurray!!

Vivien Westwood Gummies!

3 Apr

What my sister got me for my birthday! 🙂

Smells like bubblegum. Hope it rains for a while! 😛

Work of Art- YES! Shoe designs

7 Mar

ATTN:Please don’t faint looking at these beauties!

YSL Parisienne

7 Mar

When this pink gem first came out- it became first thing in my wish list- affordable and something that’s totally worth it- yes, I would love to associate myself with Kate Moss please.

Her rock edgy presence with that nearly white pink rose… mm mm

Well, I ended up getting this for my sister when I went to NZ before last Christmas and guess what, she came to stay with me so I’m taking a full advantage of it!!! (YES!)

Visiting Van Gogh

3 Mar

Seeing Van Gogh’s works in reality was AMAZING.

Seeing it so close and real is so different from what you perceive in books. I guess that’s one of the valuable transactions you make seeing something authentic. And of course, what separates authentics from fakes/ mass produced.

It was worth driving down from Sydney!