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Hub of Imagination

11 Jan

Google Office!

what a cool place 😛

It reminds me of the movie ‘Toys’


Magic Mouse

30 Oct


Apple Magic Mouse!

Looks so slick!

Like any other Mac products… Apparently you can click, swipe and scroll by just touching it without having to use buttons or scrolls.

Not a BIG fan of Mac products ( I don’t know why..) but I think I like this one. I’m getting this urge wanting to touch it.



27 Oct

jo's-placeI visited my dear friend Jo in Melbourne earlier this month. She lives little away from the city at a place called Geelong. Geelong was so nice! A MUST to look around if you are ever going to Melbourne.

Anyway, she was renovating/ redecorating her/her partner’s place. She has such a nice taste. I love this little lounge area with green feature wall and a vintage 50s Travel Poster. She even redecorates furniture- the wooden part of that lounge wasn’t that colour before. It looks so nice and rich now!

Oh! and the tinged feature mirrors goes so well with the green.

Had to take photo.

And had to take photo of myself Blonk on the couch as well.

(for some reason I had to do that :P)

Creativi- Tea

25 Oct


I came across these very ‘creative’ teacups and had to post it up! They come in a very cute& colourful plastic packages that look like tea bags- great for gifts especially for someone who loves to drink tea! ( I can think of someone myself right now…hmm…)

OH, and inside the cups there’s a very cute definition of the words written on the cups.

Creativitea: n. having more creative ability while drinking tea.
Honestea: n. telling your friends the truth while drinking tea.
Partea: n. enjoying good friends, good food, good times while drinking tea.
Humilitea: n. reviewing your personal greatness while drinking tea.
Sensualitea: n. the art of being romantic and intimate while drinking tea.

Find them here.


11 Oct


 You can find some real funky things from UMBRA, like these vintage looking button Wall Decors. Their inspiration stretches from abstract modern to quite vintage/old school look and feel and the mix of these two concepts really work well in their products. For affordable home ANYTHING you should check UMBRA out, they merchandise from tiny office cardholders to chunky Art Deco mirrors and also wallpapers!