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Alexander Wang’s Optimism

15 Sep

Alexander Wang’s SS 2011 Collection seems to be very zened out on Saturday at Pier 94. The young New York superstar designer turned 180degrees from his previous designs that showed strong personality with sporty details to ALL WHITE, even the hair. His show started with stream of white with complex geometrical tailoring and longer waistlines and hemlines. Then somewhat futuristic metallic shapes of silver and rose gold added more light and quirkiness to the collection. He had some light toned colours towards the end such as peach, terracotta and mint. His designs still seemed to carry on his fun, funky and youthful side with random doodling printed on the fabric and also new interpretations of rebellious biker jackets and sporty zip ups. He’s known for his street edgy styles but this collection the designer seem to stepped out of his comfort zone and made everything a little more luxurious than casual. Well, I’m still completely loving the shoes. ♥

It seems like playsuit will be still strong in coming Spring Summer and the whole comfy looseness that Alexander Wang loves so much doesn’t seem to change.

I am loving his geometric play in his tailoring and with the metal patches and his loose jumpsuits with cross back straps. His flowing fabrics are very beautiful and his softer approach with leather is quite uplifting. I’m not too sure about the whole doodling on fabrics though… It’s a great idea but doesn’t entice me at all. Even though white is always one of the hardest colour to manage and to wear, some of his pieces will look great when mix matched with other casual wears. I was getting quite bored of all the strong black leather and hardcore goth inspired looks. Studs, spikes, leather… you had your time and let the Optimism begin! 🙂

(pictures from and Dazed Digital)

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An Unknown Silence

7 Sep

USCARI current collection!!!!!

I got to look more into USCARI’s SS collection when I noticed their cute high-waist shorts in Cosmo’s October issue! It’s pretty amazing how they evolved and it’s great to see they are taking more risk for artistic value. Jira Kohl accommodates the whole ‘Desert Goddess/Worrior’ looks so well  and I applaud them for choosing a perfect model for the look! Well, maybe I’m biased because Jira is one of my favourite models that I worked with but honestly, I was disappointed with some of her other shoots. Not because the shoots were dodgy but she’s such a beautiful model with strong looks I really couldn’t help wonder what they were thinking when they chose her for Dotti!!

ANYWAY! I’m loving USCARI’s current collection- the mixture of dirty ropes, masses of linen fabrics and tribal motifs and prints really transports the whole utility look effortlessly into summer. It looks quite comfortable and carefree and I can’t help to reference it to Sass and Bide but I’m glad the prices are more reachable for part time students like me!

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Brunch@ Rocks

6 Sep

I’m so happy that SPRING is finally here! And it was a beautiful monday today. 🙂 I do have a bit of work that I need to do but really had to get out to do my hair. 😛 I haven’t had the time and it is starting to form an autonomous life of itself. I got out with my sis and we had the small treat before we head to my hairdresser. Well we didn’t get there a while later because we pretty much ended up visiting every store on the way. OH! We spent considerable amount of time in Paspaley where I felt like a Spiderman stuck against their display glass for ages! 😛

Oh, by the way, we made the worst brunch choice ever today by just rocking into any restaurant in Circular Quay. I mean seriously how wrong can you go in Circular Quay? Is what I thought but brace yourselves there are pretty bad ones out there I found. The most unbelievable place of our choice today was Rossinis right in front of the train station. Please save yourselves! It sounds Italian but placed Italians to shame- worst coffee and their pizza was microwaved frozen pizzas. I also have to mention they have the most horrifying glasses ever. It’s so scratched you can not see through the cup. EW with capitals. That’s why we had to quickly head to La Renaissance Cafe to purify our tastebuds with some pistachio&cherry and choc macaroons and Opera Choc Cake.

( I’m wearing: Temt Shirtdress, Sportsgirl Crop Jersey Top, Sportsgirl Bamboo-fibre Stockings, Mulberry (imt.) bag, Lovisa Necklace and Chloe Ballet Flats)