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Stella McCartney Lingerie AW 2010

9 Aug

My love for Stella McCartney ♥

is just Monstrous!

(AW 2010 Lingerie Collection)


Swrve Jeans

9 Aug

Swrve Jeans..

It’s a UK brand designed for Cyclists! Nevertheless the inner detail of the jean is pretty cooool I reckon!

Illustrated by


Hello Sunshine

4 Aug

Something struck me today. I haven’t drawn for years… Well, actually it must’ve been my boredom. I’ve been in front of my computer all day working on a short film effect that really has been dragging… and the beautiful notebooks that I’ve bought ages ago in determination to pick up drawing again just caught my eye.

I love Garance Dore, how she takes beautiful  pictures and also turn them into lovely drawings. Yep, the girl in the picture is Anda caught in Dore’s third eye and then reinterpreted by me. ♥

Chris Kane Resort 2011

4 Aug

Absolutely loving Chris Kane’s yet another amazing collection! This print textile genius takes a futuristic take in his Resort 2011 collection with streamline cuts and minimalist tailoring. The space inspired fabric print seem to give that ‘wow’ effect with it’s depth and vastness! Combined with pitch black patent leather and it’s Chris Kane!

I want to scream!!!

Yuliya Kyrpo 1000 Crane Dress

29 Jul

This is a dress by Yuliya Kyrpo made with 1000 of newspaper cranes. I’m just very impressed by the whole practice of this piece. I know very well what it feels like folding 1000 cranes myself as I grew up folding everything foldable into origami objects. AND even if you have supernatural speed in folding cranes (like me) I can not deny that 1000 crane is the most tedious and frustrating labour you can get yourself into.Well I stopped at 867… My sister bet me and completed the holy 1000 for her school exhibition installation piece but you wouldn’t believe how devastated I felt (even though I didn’t fold them) WHEN SHE SET THEM ON FLAMES  in a glass bowl as part of the performance. It was quite emotional… It’s not only the blood and sweat and the whole effort it takes to fold 1000 cranes but the other historical meanings that paper cranes embody in asian cultures… Paper cranes are crafts made very carefully representing HOPE, LOVE and PERSEVERANCE that is meant to bring miracles and grant otherwise impossible wish.

Maybe the artist was aware of these embedded meanings when she created this piece. If so, may your biggest wish be granted!

Dion Lee

11 May

Dion Lee at RAFW shot by Jak&Jil!

Coco and Igor

31 Mar

An inspirational film I watched last Friday night! 🙂

As I’m ‘I can kill for Chanel’ Chanel crush, this film came to me as a pleasant surprise before other ‘Chanel’ movie hit the screens.

The film was very captivating from start to end- having you on pulse all the way through!

With great music- it described two artist’s passion very well!!!

Not to mention Chanel’s costumes and interior- I thought it was very well done! 🙂


Stella McCartney FW2010

10 Mar


Work of Art- YES! Shoe designs

7 Mar

ATTN:Please don’t faint looking at these beauties!

Visiting Van Gogh

3 Mar

Seeing Van Gogh’s works in reality was AMAZING.

Seeing it so close and real is so different from what you perceive in books. I guess that’s one of the valuable transactions you make seeing something authentic. And of course, what separates authentics from fakes/ mass produced.

It was worth driving down from Sydney!