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Hello Sunshine

4 Aug

Something struck me today. I haven’t drawn for years… Well, actually it must’ve been my boredom. I’ve been in front of my computer all day working on a short film effect that really has been dragging… and the beautiful notebooks that I’ve bought ages ago in determination to pick up drawing again just caught my eye.

I love Garance Dore, how she takes beautiful  pictures and also turn them into lovely drawings. Yep, the girl in the picture is Anda caught in Dore’s third eye and then reinterpreted by me. ♥


Egon Schiele

3 Aug

He’s my true inspiration. I would love to draw like him.

Hello, Nice to meet you.

6 Apr

‘Nice to meet you’



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Coco and Igor

31 Mar

An inspirational film I watched last Friday night! 🙂

As I’m ‘I can kill for Chanel’ Chanel crush, this film came to me as a pleasant surprise before other ‘Chanel’ movie hit the screens.

The film was very captivating from start to end- having you on pulse all the way through!

With great music- it described two artist’s passion very well!!!

Not to mention Chanel’s costumes and interior- I thought it was very well done! 🙂


Tokyo Fashion . Com

23 Feb

Oh… how I love Japan~


30 Jan


Please Take my hands and Fly.

26 Jan

Just out of nowhere…

moment of inspiration.

Kat Macleod

14 Dec

I love her style!

Brilliant- our very own Kat Macloed

View her profile @ Jacky Winter


6 Dec



Bruno Dayan- Lighting and Sex

21 Nov


His works are absolutely Stunning!

Even though it seems to portray women as beautiful sexual object in some sense…

I still admire his works.

It shifts you and almost it’s an experience 😛