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YSL Parisienne

7 Mar

When this pink gem first came out- it became first thing in my wish list- affordable and something that’s totally worth it- yes, I would love to associate myself with Kate Moss please.

Her rock edgy presence with that nearly white pink rose… mm mm

Well, I ended up getting this for my sister when I went to NZ before last Christmas and guess what, she came to stay with me so I’m taking a full advantage of it!!! (YES!)


Twinkle Twinkle

15 Nov



Loving the Picture: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie from Flickr

Kate Moss for YSL

11 Nov

yslkatemoss Absolutely Love this Ad.

That colour of that ROSE with black Leather.

I think it’s so sensual

La Maison Bonnet

10 Nov


Worn by Yves Saint Laurent,

Jackie Kennedy,

Aristotle Onassis….

It’s made to order with special Tortoise shells.

Based in Paris down 4 Generations

Click here for More


6 Nov


I have to confess… that I had a shopping spree last thursday… My hardrive broke down and I didn’t know what to do.. but to shop! Well it made me feel better. More to come! 🙂

Anyway, I fell in love with the bottle first before the scent… Since I have  Marc Jacob’s Daisy as well, I wasn’t surprised that the scent too was quite beautiful. And yes, I had to get the 100ml coz it looks better and also I could get the limited edition pouch with hand cream and a small roll on.

These rich sticky colours! I love it so much.

Check out their site too- it’s very pretty!!

Shu Uemura Gel Painting Eyeliner

28 Oct

shuemuraI tried all the colours at the shop and… the vivid blue and the pink is so beautifully opaque. The other colours such as purple and green are more subtle. I wore this all day and really it’s quite good! No smudges or wearing off or anything.. AND you have to understand that I’m Asian and where I put my eyeliner always rubs against my eyelid whenever I blink.

Reeally love the colour as well- I got Blue!

Totally Cool Halloween Idea!

26 Oct

This is the coolest Halloween idea I’ve seen so far!!!

Dressing up as Michael Jackson!

Wish I had somewhere to go for halloween now!! 🙂