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Chris Sorbello Shoot

2 Aug

It was a pleasant surprise when I was asked to assist for Chris Sorbello’s Ministry of Sound Photoshoot!  Thanks Jana. ♥♥♥ It was my very first styling experience and I do feel that I’ve learnt a lot! Trading in my backpain and all when I finished today. haha Chris was such a honey and everyone was great! Jana brought some fab stuff that seemed so eccentric and edgy! Hopefully I did ok today- I’m so used to running the photoshoot and giving directions – it was a bit awkward trying to be at my place as a styling assistant. I just wanted to be careful not to intervene anyone’s roles… or more like seeming like I’m running the shoot. haha. It was such a good experience overall and I feel you do learn a lot just observing and really trying other people’s shoes.

Oh! I had a great talk with Elvis Di Fazio the photographer. He was quite an inspiration! He just had such a clear idea of what he wanted and it all worked out great! Also he seems like such a vivid visual mind. Looking at his portfolio, he seems to get the every element right for the final outcome of the image. Yet still, the most amazing thing is that he’s been only doing photography for less than 2 years.

He’s a must to check out! Find him at

Oh by the way, Chris’s So Lonely is getting addictive again!! Check out the video!


Harbour Cruise

31 Jul

It was my partner’s friend’s birthday and boy, how she organises such an awesome birthday party everytime!!!! It was very cool. 🙂

Basically, she hired a cute lil boat and we all went for a FANTASTIC cruise around the harbour! And of course, she brought the nice weather with her too. 🙂 We began our lil journey starting at King St Wharf near Darling Harbour pass the Opera house then under the Harbour Bridge(my fav architecture in Aus- I know, it’s such a cliche but it is so overwhelming for me everytime) to a cute beach. I know it’s winter but one of the brave, BRAVE girl did go for a swim! Wahoo! Other than winter dipping we were spoilt with endless snacks and booze and the most simple and beautiful BBQ for lunch…

Winter is generally pretty insipid.. dry.. and just COLD for me… I’m like a cat, I love lazy days in the sun and gets real sensitive and exacerbate when it gets cold and gloomy. :S I gotta say today was the most perrrrfect winter ever memorable…

I was glad that I could wear vintage Wranglers and new cheap find brogues off the net. 🙂

Dion Lee

11 May

Dion Lee at RAFW shot by Jak&Jil!

Hello, Nice to meet you.

6 Apr

‘Nice to meet you’



See it in Redbubble!

Work of Art- YES! Shoe designs

7 Mar

ATTN:Please don’t faint looking at these beauties!

YSL Parisienne

7 Mar

When this pink gem first came out- it became first thing in my wish list- affordable and something that’s totally worth it- yes, I would love to associate myself with Kate Moss please.

Her rock edgy presence with that nearly white pink rose… mm mm

Well, I ended up getting this for my sister when I went to NZ before last Christmas and guess what, she came to stay with me so I’m taking a full advantage of it!!! (YES!)

Andres Hernandez

11 Feb

Andres Hernandez

I came across his photography just online but I’m really liking it!

Especially his use of space and composition.


Visit his portfolio

also u can follow him on twitter!

30 Jan

u make me smile on a rainy day…

Please Take my hands and Fly.

26 Jan

Just out of nowhere…

moment of inspiration.

Mat Maitland

19 Jan

Mat Maitland’s New Surrealistic Twist in Fashion

ing it!