Wooo~ I’m quite flattered that you clicked on ‘about’ to find out more about me. I really do hope you didn’t click it by mistake. If you did, how on earth could that happen? Are you using a dodgy pen tablet that freaks out sometimes? (like me) Or… do you suffer from Parkinsons…..or caffeine overload morelike.

haha  ha

So what would you like to know about me?  Is there certain type of person you were expecting? Yes, why don’t you tell me about yourself too. I’m very curious about you too. 🙂

Well, I’m a Korean born, NZ raised, Aussie educated, art crazy, fashion crazy, design crazy, film crazy, anything creative crazy (and wanna be crazy) autonomous being who lives day by day feeding off from inspirations that knocks on my creative mind that raises my heartbeat and blood pressure up a notch. Yes, this is what I get from what I call WW(Wonderful&Wierd) designs. The transcendence is like orgasm. (ek please forgive me for my taboo description) Well you see now why I love design so much!

Anyway, the overall purpose of this plog(picture blog- it’s a special name that I gave my blog since it’s more about the designs and pictures than writing so much about them) my plan is to share my inspirations with you and also throw back something to the creative world in response. 🙂

Afterall, I guess this is what blog is all about; expressing yourself to the world where you share your personal inspirations/thoughts/space with everyone else.



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