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1 Aug

Wow!! How blurry is this photo?! I’m a bit embarrassed as a graphic designer/illustrator/a product of two artists. Oh well… Fab photos only exist because there’s people who makes mistakes sometime. Like me. This was on the way to dinner and I just wanted picture with my custard tart. Meh. Just one of those days you feel like taking a pic just because you want to for no reason at all but because the idea just passed through your head for a split 1/1000 sec.

Why did I want to take a pic with my custard tart again?

Just because. I’m that kind of person. I do things in impulse.

(dotti singlet, forevernew vest, chicabooti pants, vintage leather belt, lovisa earrings, country road scarf, mulberry bag(actually I can’t afford it yet))


Loving Frida Giannini

6 May

R.I.P Beryl Whitely…

11 Apr

Beryl Whitely, mother of Brett Whitely passed away this Thursday morning.


We loved all your contribution in Australian Artworld and your son!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

26 Dec

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays




Pepero Day!

11 Nov

pepero-dayIt’s celebrated quite massively in Asia.

11th of November is Pepero day or otherwise known as Pokey Stick Day!


The saying is, you should be giving pepero to your lovers not your friends.

If you do, you won’t have a relationship for 10 years.

Yea, what a curse.

Anyway, pokey sticks are amped up on this day and they look sooo goooood.

so colourful and pretty 😛

Eddie Borgo’s Halloween Gift

27 Oct

eddie-borgoStudded Pumpkin– It’s such a cool Halloween idea. I’m not too sure how long it will last and looking at all those beautiful studs, it seems a bit extravagant for a pumkin…

Well, non the less— I like what he came up with- very arty  and I really really do like his Jewellery Designs.

They are Absoloutely Stunning! Awww~ my love of studs and spikey things at the moment~~~

His SS2010 Collections (as shown above):

1. Star Cuff

2. Two Finger Star Ring

3. 4 Layer Gemstone Cone Bracelet

4. Gemstone Cone Ring

5. Gemstone Pyramid Ring

6. Metal pave pyramid Collar

7. Chainmail Collar

Visit his site here

Gianmarco Lorenzi

6 Oct





(breathe breathe breathe)

That Bleakness

5 Oct

half-faceI found this work I did about…. 2 years ago?

Still can remember trying to draw this with a mouse. lol It turned out ok tho! 😛

U can also find my Tees here