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Coco and Igor

31 Mar

An inspirational film I watched last Friday night! 🙂

As I’m ‘I can kill for Chanel’ Chanel crush, this film came to me as a pleasant surprise before other ‘Chanel’ movie hit the screens.

The film was very captivating from start to end- having you on pulse all the way through!

With great music- it described two artist’s passion very well!!!

Not to mention Chanel’s costumes and interior- I thought it was very well done! 🙂



Visiting Van Gogh

3 Mar

Seeing Van Gogh’s works in reality was AMAZING.

Seeing it so close and real is so different from what you perceive in books. I guess that’s one of the valuable transactions you make seeing something authentic. And of course, what separates authentics from fakes/ mass produced.

It was worth driving down from Sydney!

Chanel Transfer Tattoo Launch SS2010

11 Feb

I have to confess….

when I first saw Chanel’s SS2010 Runway I fell in love more with the delicate tatoos on the model that the actual Couture.

I was like omg I REALLY REAALLY wanna get one and started to look for some semi permanant tattoo places where they make custom ones!

( yep, I was that desperate, seriously :P)

BUT now, coincidently I found out that Selfridges in London is acutally launching the tattoos on 1st March this year!

How exciting! Hopefully I can get it sent somehow? :S

Well, HOPEFULLY it will come to Chanel Boutiques in Australia?! This will be my next mission to find out!!


2 Dec

Coco Avant Chanel

4 Oct


Coco Chanel is not only one of my favourite haute couturier but also someone I admire greatly.

I just cannot wait til this Film comes out!!!

Starring★Audrey Tatou

Directed by★Anne Fontaine

Massimo Gammacurta

4 Oct

Copy of LV lollipopCopy of fashion lollipopCopy of fahion lolliepops

I found these Conceptual Lollipop photos by Massimo Gammacurta a while ago now… but I thought I would share the pleasure of these GLORIOUS pieces for those who haven’t come across yet!

What an Idea! ♥♥♥♥♥♥