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Visiting Van Gogh

3 Mar

Seeing Van Gogh’s works in reality was AMAZING.

Seeing it so close and real is so different from what you perceive in books. I guess that’s one of the valuable transactions you make seeing something authentic. And of course, what separates authentics from fakes/ mass produced.

It was worth driving down from Sydney!


Chanel Transfer Tattoo Launch SS2010

11 Feb

I have to confess….

when I first saw Chanel’s SS2010 Runway I fell in love more with the delicate tatoos on the model that the actual Couture.

I was like omg I REALLY REAALLY wanna get one and started to look for some semi permanant tattoo places where they make custom ones!

( yep, I was that desperate, seriously :P)

BUT now, coincidently I found out that Selfridges in London is acutally launching the tattoos on 1st March this year!

How exciting! Hopefully I can get it sent somehow? :S

Well, HOPEFULLY it will come to Chanel Boutiques in Australia?! This will be my next mission to find out!!


10 Feb

I came across these oh so lovely I really want one pieces when I went down to Canberra to see the ‘Van Gogh’ Exhibition in National Gallery of Aus.

Such adorable pieces with vintage touch that takes you back to your childhood (maybe even further? prob your fav childhood movies)I’m sure it will  makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you are wearing one!

I was so tempted to get that little girl necklace but I had already got something else and I had promised my partner that that would be it for this weekend. :S

oh well, I can always get one online. 🙂


2 Dec

Twinkle Twinkle

15 Nov



Loving the Picture: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie from Flickr

Tiffany & Co

13 Nov


La Maison Bonnet

10 Nov


Worn by Yves Saint Laurent,

Jackie Kennedy,

Aristotle Onassis….

It’s made to order with special Tortoise shells.

Based in Paris down 4 Generations

Click here for More


1 Nov


Some favourite vintage looking Timepieces- Dress up or down- they are more versatile than you think.

Eddie Borgo’s Halloween Gift

27 Oct

eddie-borgoStudded Pumpkin– It’s such a cool Halloween idea. I’m not too sure how long it will last and looking at all those beautiful studs, it seems a bit extravagant for a pumkin…

Well, non the less— I like what he came up with- very arty  and I really really do like his Jewellery Designs.

They are Absoloutely Stunning! Awww~ my love of studs and spikey things at the moment~~~

His SS2010 Collections (as shown above):

1. Star Cuff

2. Two Finger Star Ring

3. 4 Layer Gemstone Cone Bracelet

4. Gemstone Cone Ring

5. Gemstone Pyramid Ring

6. Metal pave pyramid Collar

7. Chainmail Collar

Visit his site here

Tarina Tarantino

27 Oct

tarantinoI came across this funky ex-model designer when I saw Paris Hilton wearing one of her barbie pieces. Not that I’m into Hilton much but it was soo cute that I had to get one!!! (should include what I got here as well but as I’m at work and kinda multitasking atm… )

ANYWAY, she travels back to our ‘Pink Pony’ years where Barbie, Hello Kitty and Fairytales filled our bedrooms. So sentimental!

I just LOVE it!