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Brunch@ Rocks

6 Sep

I’m so happy that SPRING is finally here! And it was a beautiful monday today. 🙂 I do have a bit of work that I need to do but really had to get out to do my hair. 😛 I haven’t had the time and it is starting to form an autonomous life of itself. I got out with my sis and we had the small treat before we head to my hairdresser. Well we didn’t get there a while later because we pretty much ended up visiting every store on the way. OH! We spent considerable amount of time in Paspaley where I felt like a Spiderman stuck against their display glass for ages! 😛

Oh, by the way, we made the worst brunch choice ever today by just rocking into any restaurant in Circular Quay. I mean seriously how wrong can you go in Circular Quay? Is what I thought but brace yourselves there are pretty bad ones out there I found. The most unbelievable place of our choice today was Rossinis right in front of the train station. Please save yourselves! It sounds Italian but placed Italians to shame- worst coffee and their pizza was microwaved frozen pizzas. I also have to mention they have the most horrifying glasses ever. It’s so scratched you can not see through the cup. EW with capitals. That’s why we had to quickly head to La Renaissance Cafe to purify our tastebuds with some pistachio&cherry and choc macaroons and Opera Choc Cake.

( I’m wearing: Temt Shirtdress, Sportsgirl Crop Jersey Top, Sportsgirl Bamboo-fibre Stockings, Mulberry (imt.) bag, Lovisa Necklace and Chloe Ballet Flats)



Dion Lee

11 May

Dion Lee at RAFW shot by Jak&Jil!

Red Heels

11 May


Red Heels ♥

Vivien Westwood Gummies!

3 Apr

What my sister got me for my birthday! 🙂

Smells like bubblegum. Hope it rains for a while! 😛

Work of Art- YES! Shoe designs

7 Mar

ATTN:Please don’t faint looking at these beauties!

Stella McCartney

6 Jan

oh~ How I love cherry blossom girl~♥



14 Dec



Pixie Market

4 Dec

Some of my Favourite looks from Pixie Market! Love Love Love

I’m going to try to get something from there sometime!


Lace up by Jane Aldridge

15 Nov


Super Blogger Jane Aldridge released some of her designs a while ago— I managed to score a similar pair. It’s pretty coool~!


Chicabooti Top

Forcast Bandage Skirt

V.Westwood Inspired Bag

J. Aldridge Shoes)

I love my Blake

13 Nov


I love this shoes I found in internet. I haven’t seen anything like it!