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Coco and Igor

31 Mar

An inspirational film I watched last Friday night! 🙂

As I’m ‘I can kill for Chanel’ Chanel crush, this film came to me as a pleasant surprise before other ‘Chanel’ movie hit the screens.

The film was very captivating from start to end- having you on pulse all the way through!

With great music- it described two artist’s passion very well!!!

Not to mention Chanel’s costumes and interior- I thought it was very well done! 🙂



Post it Love

13 Nov


Such an uplifting Piece~

Must watch here


11 Oct

So what else could BFF stand for? The first thing we think of is Hilton’s ‘BestFriendForeverxx’ … ew.
Well, actually there’s rather cool alternative for BFF

—Bicycle Film Festival—

This really wacky film festival showcases all that is Bicycle. You name it, Tall Bike Jousting, Track Bikes, BMX, Alleycats, Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking Recumbents… phew~ catch breathe swipe sweat off your face and there’s more.

Just found this so wacky- and what more? They have this really aethestically pleasing POSTER. lol
See more at BFF


Coco Avant Chanel

4 Oct


Coco Chanel is not only one of my favourite haute couturier but also someone I admire greatly.

I just cannot wait til this Film comes out!!!

Starring★Audrey Tatou

Directed by★Anne Fontaine