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Hello Sunshine

4 Aug

Something struck me today. I haven’t drawn for years… Well, actually it must’ve been my boredom. I’ve been in front of my computer all day working on a short film effect that really has been dragging… and the beautiful notebooks that I’ve bought ages ago in determination to pick up drawing again just caught my eye.

I love Garance Dore, how she takes beautiful  pictures and also turn them into lovely drawings. Yep, the girl in the picture is Anda caught in Dore’s third eye and then reinterpreted by me. ♥


Egon Schiele

3 Aug

He’s my true inspiration. I would love to draw like him.

MinJae Lee

27 Oct


Would you believe me if I told you that these very talented/expressive works are done by a 19year old?

Well~ there you go~! This korean young gun surely intimidates me! (just kidding :P)

I really like how his works are so expressive, disturbing in some ways and he does this with great skills!

Texture… Whole range of different  mediums… Patterns… Colours…

Check his works out!

(oh, also thanks to Kingdom of Style where I found him!)

That Bleakness

5 Oct

half-faceI found this work I did about…. 2 years ago?

Still can remember trying to draw this with a mouse. lol It turned out ok tho! 😛

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