Egon Schiele

3 Aug

He’s my true inspiration. I would love to draw like him.


Chris Sorbello Shoot

2 Aug

It was a pleasant surprise when I was asked to assist for Chris Sorbello’s Ministry of Sound Photoshoot!  Thanks Jana. ♥♥♥ It was my very first styling experience and I do feel that I’ve learnt a lot! Trading in my backpain and all when I finished today. haha Chris was such a honey and everyone was great! Jana brought some fab stuff that seemed so eccentric and edgy! Hopefully I did ok today- I’m so used to running the photoshoot and giving directions – it was a bit awkward trying to be at my place as a styling assistant. I just wanted to be careful not to intervene anyone’s roles… or more like seeming like I’m running the shoot. haha. It was such a good experience overall and I feel you do learn a lot just observing and really trying other people’s shoes.

Oh! I had a great talk with Elvis Di Fazio the photographer. He was quite an inspiration! He just had such a clear idea of what he wanted and it all worked out great! Also he seems like such a vivid visual mind. Looking at his portfolio, he seems to get the every element right for the final outcome of the image. Yet still, the most amazing thing is that he’s been only doing photography for less than 2 years.

He’s a must to check out! Find him at

Oh by the way, Chris’s So Lonely is getting addictive again!! Check out the video!


1 Aug

Wow!! How blurry is this photo?! I’m a bit embarrassed as a graphic designer/illustrator/a product of two artists. Oh well… Fab photos only exist because there’s people who makes mistakes sometime. Like me. This was on the way to dinner and I just wanted picture with my custard tart. Meh. Just one of those days you feel like taking a pic just because you want to for no reason at all but because the idea just passed through your head for a split 1/1000 sec.

Why did I want to take a pic with my custard tart again?

Just because. I’m that kind of person. I do things in impulse.

(dotti singlet, forevernew vest, chicabooti pants, vintage leather belt, lovisa earrings, country road scarf, mulberry bag(actually I can’t afford it yet))

Harbour Cruise

31 Jul

It was my partner’s friend’s birthday and boy, how she organises such an awesome birthday party everytime!!!! It was very cool. 🙂

Basically, she hired a cute lil boat and we all went for a FANTASTIC cruise around the harbour! And of course, she brought the nice weather with her too. 🙂 We began our lil journey starting at King St Wharf near Darling Harbour pass the Opera house then under the Harbour Bridge(my fav architecture in Aus- I know, it’s such a cliche but it is so overwhelming for me everytime) to a cute beach. I know it’s winter but one of the brave, BRAVE girl did go for a swim! Wahoo! Other than winter dipping we were spoilt with endless snacks and booze and the most simple and beautiful BBQ for lunch…

Winter is generally pretty insipid.. dry.. and just COLD for me… I’m like a cat, I love lazy days in the sun and gets real sensitive and exacerbate when it gets cold and gloomy. :S I gotta say today was the most perrrrfect winter ever memorable…

I was glad that I could wear vintage Wranglers and new cheap find brogues off the net. 🙂

Yuliya Kyrpo 1000 Crane Dress

29 Jul

This is a dress by Yuliya Kyrpo made with 1000 of newspaper cranes. I’m just very impressed by the whole practice of this piece. I know very well what it feels like folding 1000 cranes myself as I grew up folding everything foldable into origami objects. AND even if you have supernatural speed in folding cranes (like me) I can not deny that 1000 crane is the most tedious and frustrating labour you can get yourself into.Well I stopped at 867… My sister bet me and completed the holy 1000 for her school exhibition installation piece but you wouldn’t believe how devastated I felt (even though I didn’t fold them) WHEN SHE SET THEM ON FLAMES  in a glass bowl as part of the performance. It was quite emotional… It’s not only the blood and sweat and the whole effort it takes to fold 1000 cranes but the other historical meanings that paper cranes embody in asian cultures… Paper cranes are crafts made very carefully representing HOPE, LOVE and PERSEVERANCE that is meant to bring miracles and grant otherwise impossible wish.

Maybe the artist was aware of these embedded meanings when she created this piece. If so, may your biggest wish be granted!

Master/Slave Couture

28 Jul

Well, I scored this jacket nonchalantly when I went to Fashion Weekend at the very start when Sydney was feeling the chills.

It’s been months now and I can’t express enough how WELL I’m wearing this Jacket! I did bought it because it seemed quite versatile and how right was I! It even goes with the outfits that I never thought it will go; cute dresses, casual, leather etc etc.  It’s so funny sometimes when the garments you get plays totally differently with your wardrobe than you expect. I generally think I have a good sense in fashion but sometimes it seems to become harder and harder. 😛

Nevertheless, I praise you Master/Slave- I shall keep a good eye on you.

John Galliano! SS2011

27 Jul

Ohhh It’s always so exciting to see what John Galliano comes up with everytime!

I’m totally loving his 1920’s Silent Film twist- so theatrical and whimsical! SO Galliano!

I think those oversized distressed shoes and thin waist belts will be going far this SS and oh yes, and the abs!


Mulberry Dog Collection

25 Jun

These made me cry and wanting a PUG ever more!!!

Well done Mulberry! Hurray!!

Dion Lee

11 May

Dion Lee at RAFW shot by Jak&Jil!

Red Heels

11 May


Red Heels ♥