1 Aug

Wow!! How blurry is this photo?! I’m a bit embarrassed as a graphic designer/illustrator/a product of two artists. Oh well… Fab photos only exist because there’s people who makes mistakes sometime. Like me. This was on the way to dinner and I just wanted picture with my custard tart. Meh. Just one of those days you feel like taking a pic just because you want to for no reason at all but because the idea just passed through your head for a split 1/1000 sec.

Why did I want to take a pic with my custard tart again?

Just because. I’m that kind of person. I do things in impulse.

(dotti singlet, forevernew vest, chicabooti pants, vintage leather belt, lovisa earrings, country road scarf, mulberry bag(actually I can’t afford it yet))


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